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WiredWorms: The Introduciton

The WiredWorm is the latest innovation in double hook worms that has roots reaching back twenty five years. The double hook worm has won hundreds of tournaments in that time and the WiredWorm is earning its place as a winner. In its first year on the market the WiredWorm has been used to win a number of local tournaments in the Southwest including a team circuit championship. In its short existence the WiredWorm have been used to score some very heavy weights including a 27.5lb five fish limit, an 18.5lb five fish limit and a 29lb 6 fish limit.

The WiredWorm was born in the desert southwest amidst the blazing heat of the sun. It was found to be successful in the rock filled reservoirs heavily pressured by millions of angling hours. The WiredWorm inherits its basic design from existing double hook products. But its innovations are endless and the keys to its popularity.

Anglers have overwhelmingly switched to premium hooks and the WiredWorm is built with that in mind. Each WiredWorm sports a Mustad UltraPoint darter jig head and a Gamakatsu stinger hook in the tail. Western anglers have long ago adopted hand poured worms as a staple offering for clear water bass. The WiredWorm borrows the hand poured process to create color combinations similar to that of soft poured worms. Yet the WiredWorm uses a special plastic formula that creates a tough and durable worm. The plastic securely holds the Gamakatsu stinger hook and the fine stainless steel connecting wire in the body of the worm. It's the wire that gives the WiredWorm its name.

This bait will not remain a Southwest secret for long. As other western baits and techniques have been adopted by anglers all over the US so will the WiredWorm. As double hook worms have produced for decades in rocky impoundments of the Southwest, the WiredWorm will produce in highland reservoirs of the central and southeastern US and in the boulder infested waters of New England and the Canadian Shield.

The WiredWorm is irresistible to largemouth and smallmouth alike. While there are no impoundments in the Southwest with Spotted Bass it is only a matter of time before anglers discover the potential of the WiredWorm with the Spots.

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